Are Purple Professional brand products compatible with products from other brands?

To guarantee a good job, we recommend the use of Purple Professional products, from the primers to the Top Coat. We are not aware of the formulas and compositions of other brands, so we cannot guarantee the perfect and lasting result if you mix brands.

The gel polish peeled off or splintered.

Some of the situations that can cause the gel varnish to lift or chip are:
- Poor preparation of the natural nail, especially if performed with block or buffer. The nail should always be prepared with 180 file;
- Application of products from different brands. Especially the primary and the base must all be of the same brand;
- Poor sealing of the gel polish on the free edge. You should apply the gel polish and top coat to the tip of the nail to seal. Once the nail is sealed and the work is finished, do not re-file the free edge or sides, as it removes the seal;
- Colors applied in thick layers, colors should be applied in thin and stretched layers;
- Poor catalyst. Nowadays, with the most powerful LEDs, Nail Artists reduce the catalyst time. Especially in dark colors like black it should stay longer than the recommended 60 seconds to catalyze;

The gel polish has lift.

Some of the situations that can lead to gel surveys are:
- Poor preparation of the natural nail, especially if performed with block or buffer. The nail should always be prepared with 180 file;
- Application of oils or cuticle removers in the preparation of the nail;
- Poor cuticle preparation. The nail should be free of any skin in the cuticle area;
- Gel applied on top of the cuticle. With the growth originates a survey;
- Application of products of different brands, especially the primers and the gel must all be of the same brand;
- Lack of Apex. Especially in very long nails, Apex is essential in order to prevent the client in her daily activities to force the tip of the nail and peel off the cuticle area due to lack of gel;
- Nails with a great tendency to be oily. In this case you must use our Primer SOS and our Bond for extra reinforcement;
- Lack of application of the first layer stretched with our gel that makes the base effect. In the case of Covers gels we recommend that the stretched layer be made with any Purple gel except Covers;

What could cause the color of the gel polish to shrink or wrinkle?

The application of the gel polish must always be carried out in thin and stretched layers. Each layer should be applied carefully and should not run or touch the cuticles. Catalyze well, following the time recommended by the brand. In dark colors add 30 seconds. It is important to seal the corners of the nails. In very pigmented colors, the layers must be thin, it is preferable to apply two thin layers rather than a thick one. Improper storage of gel varnish may also be one of the causes. We recommend storing it at a temperature between 19 and 22 degrees, away from sunlight and away from UV / LED light while doing the job.

Can the Purple Professional gel polish change color after catalyzing?

The gel polish undergoes a curing process using UV or LED light, which is why it is a very sensitive product. When exposed to UV or LED light for a long time, there may be a slight change in color. Detergents, paints, etc. can also change the shade of the product and even create stains on the nail.

I applied Top Coat and it was dull.

It is essential to comply with the application method of the product and respect the catalyst time. The applied layer cannot be too thin or too thick.
Some Cleaners are too aggressive and remove the shine from the Top Coat with gum.
Applying cuticle oil or hand cream on top of the nail after Top Coat can cause Top Coat to lose its shine immediately and its durability to be less. Apply oil only to cuticles and hand cream without touching nails.

The gel heats up when going to the UV / LED machine.

All gels tend to generate heat when they catalyze.
To avoid discomfort you should follow the following tips:
- Led devices on the market are increasingly powerful, which will lead to an extra rapid catalysis of the gel. So you should be attentive and check when customers start to complain, if at 3 seconds, if at 30 seconds. Get to know your device first to act accordingly. Put your hand inside the equipment and if it starts to warm up at 3 seconds or at 5, or at 30 seconds, move away from the light of the device and only put it back when you no longer feel the discomfort. Alert your customers to avoid this type of situation;
- If the room temperature is high, the sensation of heat is greater, keep your space cool especially in summer. Remember that when you are applying the gel, it is already in the catalytic phase, especially if it is very hot;
- Apply thinner layers and never forget that the first layer of the gel has to be stretched to create a base and protective layer;
-Do not over-polish the natural nail, nor use a file with a grain of less than 180/180. The more sensitive your nails are, the more discomfort you will feel;

The gel was catalyzed in the bottle.

When a UV / LED product is exposed to UV / LED radiation or any other heat source, the catalytic process can start. Do not store your product near windows, lamps, UV / LED lamps. It is important to keep the bottles closed in a cool and airy place.

Does Purple Professional have a training academy?

Purple Professional does not have a Training Academy.

Where can I buy Purple Professional products?

We do not sell directly to professionals or the public. To purchase our products consult our list of distributors which is available on our website, where you can check physical stores and online stores.

What does it take to become a Purple Professional distributor?

To be a Purple Professional distributor, you must have a space for selling cosmetic products, physical or online. Stores or spaces for the provision of services, such as beauty, nail and hairdressing offices do not qualify as a reseller. For more information send email to