The September Fruit

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There is a Portuguese expression that expresses the tasty taste of the fig well - “I called it a fig”. This informal expression wants to convey to those who hear it that it is intended to eagerly eat something that is considered delicious.

It is September and in all grocery stores there is a fruit that stands out on all shelves: the fig. This delicious and nutritious fruit brings to your health several benefits and that when included in your diet can have a healthy and powerful action for your body:

  1. Its high fiber content helps digestion.
  2. It has a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  3. Its natural sugars help to control cravings for sweets.
  4. Helps prevent diabetes by managing blood sugar levels.
  5. It has anti-rheumatic properties that minimize joint wear.

And when we put aside the technical terms, we know that there are few fruits that generate a captivating passion like this fruit! Fresh or dried, accompanied by cheese or in gastronomic confections, the fig becomes king.


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