The October Fruit

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In the middle of the month of October we see that slowly this season brings us smells, colors and flavors very typical of the season: the persimmon is one of the favorite fruits that brings the pomegranate as a pair. In a dance guided by the rhythm of the rain that falls on the street, these fruits make the market stalls their stage.

The persimmon master of himself, can be prepared in different ways, raw or cooked (roasted with a little cinnamon, a delight!) As sweet as honey is added to yogurts, juices or ice cream avoiding the addition of sugar. The shy pomegranate, which behind the red and pink berries has immense beneficial properties for the organism. It is a fruit of extreme versatility in the kitchen, ideal for salads, hot sauces, stews, sweets ...

This autumn use and abuse these fruits that so well stand out in our day-to-day.

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