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There are days when looking in the mirror becomes discouraging because we do not recognize our image. There is an empty look ... A look that screams softly for help and nobody can hear it but you! But you know you're special, right? You are! There is no other person in the world like you! You deserve a colorful look, you deserve to be loved by everyone around you and especially by the most important person in your life - YOU.

Self-love is a very popular term nowadays but it is not always fully understood. There are those who judge by having self-love:

They say that we can be self-centered, but only then can we overcome the challenges and live a truly full life. We managed to be more focused on our goals and our own values ​​which means that we have a huge respect for our well-being and happiness.

There are several tips that we can share with you but the one that makes us feel good every day is our gratitude diary. Every day before you go to sleep or for tomorrow to start the day just inspired write in your notebook the 5 things for which you were grateful the day before or that day. This is a great tip to start your self-love because, you will train your brain to be more positive.

Ps: Do not forget to include in the diary, you are the most important.

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Created On Quinta, Outubro 8, 2020 Posted By Sofia dos Santos Nunes Félix Comment Link
Olá Purple Profissional
Obrigada eu por a vossa dedicação e empenho... Pelo vosso trabalho em nos proporcionar produtos maravilhosos.
Cores lindas que nos iluminam o dia e a vida.
Gostei muito deste texto que acabei de ler.
Para sermos felizes e estarmos bem com os outros é essencial que tenhamos amor próprio.
Beijinhos ????

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