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You have the glass half full of wine. In remote times you would be planning where you would go Friday night to dance with the infallible duo: good friends and good music. In the whatsapp group, everyone feels nostalgic for those times when socializing was when they wanted to and all the rules did not yet exist. Where a message - “I'll get you!” - it was guaranteed that the night would go well and all the songs would stay in the most beautiful memories.

Today is the World Music Day, so Purple Professional has the solution so you can celebrate with your friends this day:

Get on your phone and let them know that the party is going to happen! Make everyone a video call, a good glass of wine and play the songs that marked your adolescence. We know it will be a great time for sharing and an excellent way to celebrate this day!

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Black Pumas -colors. Vem mesmo de encontro :) :)

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