National Day of Mourning for Victims of Domestic Violence

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In a lull of crying that is muffled by the pillow I fall asleep, but without the certainty of tomorrow...

It's already another day, and at first thought I don't even notice the sun rays that occupy the whole room. My face is swollen and I feel useless, I prepare my coffee with the fresh bread they left at the door - the butter?
All over again. A storm in a glass of water...

"Do I still love you as I fear you?"

On 7th March, Portugal celebrates the day of mourning for the victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence hides behind "I had a bad day at work" or "you know I'm not like that" among many other forms! ENOUGH!

Domestic violence does not encompass gender, age, sexual orientation, culture... In the year 2020 the government counted 32 homicides - 27 women, 3 men, 2 children. We must assume there is an emerging need for society to intervene because things always happen to others, but the others' others are us!


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