Magic Collection

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Life does not always begin with an “once upon a time”, it is often the deafening awakening of the alarm that assumes the privilege.

And it's precisely there that the most beautiful of mysteries is discovered: the magic of our day. In between uncoordinated steps between kingdoms and castles, with the busy life of those who pass by us leaving in the air some perlim pimpim powders or the mysterious exchange of potions that we don't realize the privilege of having a temporal life.

Because in fairy tales there are those who have the right to one, just a one little shoe, and the ending is happy. We don't have shoes, but we have 6 colors that would be your charm.

Where the stones once marked the immensity of a castle today, Magic Castle becomes that immensity.
The Magic Kingdom brings to your days the glittering life of those in the castle.
That in an exchange of potions you can share the wonderful Magic Potion.
There are shiny powders, but nothing shines more than our  Magic Powder.

Every day there is no "someone more beautiful than me" when the  Magic Mirror is brought close by.

O Magic Fairy  is your fairy godmother for every day!


A fairy once said: Bibbidi bobbidi boo ... As if by magic a blue dress appeared and a pumpkin turned into a carriage, we challenge you to something simpler: Transform your nails with our products and MAGIC COLLECTION! We want to see your Bibbidi bobbidi boo ..

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