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Run Maria!

The lights of the popular fair turned on, and silently, it was a starting signal for all the children of that street to leave the house. This was the moment when, under the watchful eye of our parents, we felt a little bit grown up. We carried counted coins in our pockets and the lights of the merry-go-rounds shone in the eyes of the children, but in mine, only the window displaying the sweets.

Greedy Mary - that's how I've always been known. I was so fascinated by the colours and shapes of the sweets that, for a second, I stopped all movement around me. While I stared at that counter, I counted with the tips of my fingers the coins I had in my pocket to decide what to take... The colours of the lollipop and the various shapes of the gummies stole my attention, but the banal marshmallow or the donut always brought me the best memories of the summer. My eternal indecision was between the cupcake with all those toppings or the classic two-ball ice cream.

Hm... The final decision was there: strawberry and cream ice cream, while they put it on the biscuit cone, my eyes sparkled for, in the end, having made the right choice.


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