Back to School

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The smell of new books already lingers in the air. School supplies and snacks of the day already take their place in the backpack and Maria is only concerned with getting to the gate. September has arrived. In an atypical week in which all the rules of the DGS stand out, we know that there are no hugs but there are smiles with our eyes and a new routine that we all must comply with in favor of all those who live with us daily.

We know the mixed feelings that this week was for us… it was three months when there were no schedules, we had no worries except summer but we missed our friends.

Purple Professional intends to be at your side and help your child or any child you live with feel that this is a new normal:

  1. Find out: Ask the school what measures have been taken to ensure the safety of students and to be able to transmit the correct information to children;
  2. Support: All children have different rhythms of learning, it is normal. Give extra support: create a routine with a focus on school and homework combined with daily activities, talk to teachers as it is normal for there to be higher anxiety due to the pandemic.
  3. Understand: Do not look for responsible, because there is no specific culprit. In recent weeks we have seen episodes of prejudice against people who get sick, but we are all exposed to the virus. Explain that the essential thing is to understand that the friend has become ill and that it is necessary to remain in isolation.
  4. Teach: Explain daily the different ways a child can protect themselves, do it in a playful way:

a. Use gouache paint to simulate the virus on the child's hands. Then, blindfolded, tell her to wash her hands - when she thinks it's over, she should take off the blindfold and see the result.

b. “Parabéns a você” sung twice is the time needed to wash your hands well.


Inspired by the school routine, Purple Professional, introduces you to the four colors that are present in the notebooks and challenges you to create a "back to school" look.

I Like Books P2068
I Like Fashion P2072

I Like Lipstick P2073

Respect Your Mind P2095

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